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Tax Certificate #1161

Notes: After validating and before adding to basket, please ensure that all information is correct. The email address is the email account that the tax statement will be emailed to. If this is not the correct email address, please exit the program and contact the Tax department at 905-338-4222 during normal business hours, to have your account information updated.

After successful payment a separate email will be sent for each tax statement ordered.

The Town of Oakville's website and its applications are not impacted by the Heartbleed bug. Heartbleed is a flaw found in data encryption software called OpenSSL, which the town does not use. Heartbleed bug notice (pdf, kB)
PIN/Passcode (Required)
You must enter in a PIN and passcode for each tax statement ordered. If you do not have a PIN and passcode, please contact the Tax department at 905-338-4222 during normal business hours.

Property Roll ID (Required)
Please enter in a 11 digit roll number.

Correct: 04022002010
Incorrect: 2401040220020100000

If a roll number starts with 2401, please do not include the 2401. If the roll number ends in four zeros please exclude the last four zeros.

Reference (Optional)
This is for your references only. A maximum of 50 characters can be used. Eg: client number, lawyer name, case number.

If a roll number of a property is unknown, it may be located using the town's Tax Assessment Comparison Tool.